Janta Model V6 to V7

ORBIT V6/V7 Janta submersible pumps for wells from 6 to 10 inches wells, with 2-pole electric motors. The most complete range of submersible electric pumps to meet all your v6/v7 Janta pumping applications suitable to replace standard surface pumps, carrying the advantages of lesser space needed, less maintenance and complete absence of noise. In all domestic, industrial and agricultural applications, where it is required to life water out from below the ground and to push it above with pressure.

v6/v7 Janta submersible pumps suitable for 6" or larger boreholes. v6/v7 Janta. Superior hydraulic design of impeller and diffuser make these pumps are most efficient. Utilization of top class material allow pumps to be reliable, long lasting and increases ites wear, resistance towards sand. State of the art manufacturing process ensures optimum and consistent quality of these pump. Manufactured from corrosion & abrasion resistant materials. Close coupled to a submersible electric motor. Designed for flow rate upto 1400 LPM and head upto 430 meter.

Silent Features

  • Maintenance and service: with time some parts subject to wear may need replacement.
  • Proven & Reliable Design For Critical Conditions.
  • State of the art design: Delivers optimum performance and reliability in the toughest conditions.
  • Stainless Steel AISI - 410 Sleeves are reinforced with chromium for proven wear resistance.
  • Bronze grade LTB-4 & LTB-5 bush & carbon thrust bearing provide low friction and high wear resistance.
  • Pump - Motor coupling available as per NEMA standard.
  • Standard 2 pole speed motor (2900 RPM).
  • Easy assembling, dismantling. Easily serviceable pump & field rewindable motors. Suction screen and coupling are made of stainless steel.

Product Specification

  • » 66 feet head per Stage..
  • » 5 H.P. to 30 H.P. Three Phase.
  • » Maximum head up to 550 feet.
  • » C.I & S.S. Nonmagnetic Bowl & S.S. Impeller.
  • » Higher Head with Higher Discharge for Agricultural use.
  • » Maximum Discharge up to 2000 Litres/Minute.

Janta Model V6 to V7