Our Mission

Our mission is to reckon with globally among the top 3 Indian pump manufacturers and gradually but powerfully grab the NO.1 position by 2015, as the company offering end to end pumping solutions with superior range of products like electric submersible pumps in most flexible and advanced models at competitive prices.

Next, we are continually working to expand our distribution network by appointing countrywide channel partners in Middle East, Asian, Gulf, SAARC, North and South American, European, and African Countries. Moreover, we are committed to export to 60 countries worldwide.

Our aim is to become the world's leading and pump manufacturer meeting global benchmarks in pumping solutions. Our full-fledged R&D division is dedicated to research and development of innovative products with new materials, applications and processes. With an urge to succeed, we continually innovate and introduce new products and pumping solutions that satisfy the market needs. Quality is the key in all ORBIT products. This compels us to focus on construction and design with special care while selecting materials and production methods. We use advanced fabrication technology and produce most of the components in-house, ensuring higher quality standards.